Robinhood —  Content Designer (March 2022 - Present)

Custom price alerts allow customers to get notified when a stock’s price crosses above or below a target value during normal market or extended hours. I designed an interface and flow accessible to both beginner and advanced investors, helping customers to seize more trading opportunities and expanding our push notification guidelines to differentiate alerts from other price movement settings, creating a pattern that is scalable and inclusive of custom alerts.

Launched for Robinhood Mobile in Dec 2022

Based on our experiment, custom price alerts help keep customers engaged and placing more trade orders:
  • 10% relative increase in open events for push notifications
  • 0.5% relative increase in avg active days for users on all supported platforms
  • 48% relative increase in opt-in rate (users who turned notifications from off to on)
  • 9.9% relative increase in equity orders (equity volume remained flat)

Tool tip entrypoints:

Setting a custom price alert (Mobile UX):

Push notifications:

Setting a custom price alert (Price moves above, Web UX):

Error states (User has (a) not enabled or (b) turned off notifications from Robinhood):