Robinhood —  Content Designer (March 2022 - Present)

Drafted and designed content strategy for educational tours introducing new users to the basics of Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs) and Cryptocurrency, with the goal of making both traditional and modern financial literacy approachable and engaging.

Launched for Robinhood Mobile in May 2022



When Robinhood decided to no longer plot zero volume trades (periods during which no trades occurred) on price movement charts, I drafted and designed succint, direct messaging alerting the customer of the change’s impact and reasoning. While evaluating other entrypoints, I uncovered an opportunity and unmet need for an introductory tour of line and candlestick charts, in which we could educate customers on general chart mechanics while seamlessly informing them of how Robinhood tailors the experience.

Launched for Robinhood Mobile in Jan 2023

Announcement for first-time users: